Ambika Niwas Palace, Muli


About The Property:


Muli is the beginning of many experiences.. Historical, Artistic, Adventurous, Cultural, Rejuvenating, Festive, Romantic, enjoyed within the intimate yet comfortable ambience of the Ambika Nivas Palace. It is located in the centre of the historically significant Jhalawar region of Kathiawar in Gujarat. Muli is the only erstwhile princely state in Kathiawar belonging to the Parmar Clan who are descendants of the illustrious rulers, Vikramaditya and Raja Bhoj and it’s culture is as unique as it’s history. Today, the present Thakore Saheb of Muli has restored his ancestral palace, Ambika Nivas Palace, built in the 1930s to offer a boutique heritage experience, combining time-honoured traditions of hospitality with international standards.