The spacious entire lounge with distinctive interiors reflecting the Indian ethos that will give guests a discrete sense of place with a pleasant welcome. The diffuses natural light complementing the architectural value, design and overall ambiance.

Blending with the aesthetics of the beautiful and creative art piece from bamboo roots though complex yet unique in its own way, expressing the artistic creation of nature.

Shilpi Hill Resort feels privileged to offer our guest’s comfortable couches, tables, lounge spaces, creating a warm environment to just relax and cherish memorable time. Also we offer free internet Wi-Fi access to our guests in the lounge area.

Shilpi Hill Resorts’ variety of amenities makes an ideal destination for recreation and relaxation year round. As a guest at our resort you will be the recipient of comfort and luxuries.

We offer a full array of services to create a simple and pleasurable environment for your stay.

A single call will put you in effortless touch with all your needs, whether they involve reserving a table for dinner, making a spa appointment, ordering room service, arranging a wake up call or just requesting added amenities.

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